"There shouldn't be anyone who cannot afford a prosthetic limb because of money."

To meet this vision we developed a new prosthetic hand that is extremely affordable, light-weight, and fully functional to provide better life for amputees. We will keep pursuing a new, better life for all the people who lost their limbs.

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Affordable, Light-weight
Robotic Prosthetic Solutions

Low Cost

Starting from USD 1,000
(terminal device, excl. socket and glove)

Broad Coverage

From hand to shoulder,
from prostheses to rehabilitation devices


Hand: 15 joints, 5 ~ 8 grasping patterns
Sensor: EMG sensors (1 or 2 channels)
Extra: wrist, elbow, and shoulder movement


260 ~ 320g (terminal device)
500 ~ 650g (partial hand / wrist prosthesis)
650 ~ 800g (below-elbow prosthesis)
1.2 ~ 1.6kg (above-elbow prosthesis)
2.2 ~ 2.4kg (up-to-shoulder prosthesis)


Extremely easy to store, charge, and wear on/off
(with the world's first patented 'charging cradle')


Cosmetic Silicone Glove (various skin color)
Fabric Glove (spandex, non-slip material)

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Grip Patterns

Cosmetic Silicone Glove

A Magnetic Charger

Mand.ro Cosmetic Hand

Customized, On-demand Manufacturing

1. Meet with Customer

Make an appointment and meet

2. Measure in 3D

Perform a 3D scanning of a target arm

3. Make with Heart

Make with 3D modeling, printing, assembly, testing
(it takes 1 week from the first meeting)

4. Test and Finish

Fitting with a customer, and training if necessary
(it takes 1~2 hours)

starting from
USD 1,000
(quotation upon request)

Other components

- available upon request -

Partial-hand Prosthesis
Wrist-disarticulation Prosthesis
Below-elbow Prosthesis
Above-elbow Prosthesis
Robotic Arm Prosthesis (up-to-shoulder)
Myoelectric Hands (Mark5, Mark5s, etc.)
Cosmetic Hands (with flexible joints)
EMG Sensor (time and frequency domain)
Battery and its Charger
Charging Cradle


- One year limited warranty -
(hardware defect: at no charge using new or refurbished parts)
(hardware break by a customer: with extra cost)


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Headquarter (South Korea)

202-802, Chun-Ui TechnoPark 2, Bucheonro 198-gil 18, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea (+82-70-4405-9995)

Middle-east Office (Jordan)

Room #404, Dana Complex 11953, Al-madina Al-munawara street 126, Amman, Jordan (+962-77-886-4508)

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