The New Life with Hand

'There should be no one who cannot use functional prosthetic hands because of the money.' To meet this vision, we developed a new prosthetic hand which is the world's first, extremely affordable, light-weight, and fully functional; to improve and provide a better life of amputees. We will keep continuing to bring a new, better life to all the people who lost their hands.

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A Yet-another Prosthetic Hand Reborn with Affordable Technologies

World First
3D Printed Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand
(commercially finished product, ready to ship)

Low Cost
USD 999 (Ready to use - excl. socket)
USD 600 (Developer's Kit with instructions)

5 Fingers, 15 Joints, 5 Grips,
360g (the hand's weight),
800g (including socket)

Extremely Easy to Store, Charge, and Take In/Out
(we provide the world's first patented 'charging cradle')

Spandex, Non-slip Fabric Glove

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Video for KOICA CTS Competition
- October 2016 - Activity Summary Video
- June 2018, Amman, Jordan - Activity Summary Video
- July 2018, Amman, Jordan - Activity Summary Video
- August 2018, Amman, Jordan - in MyF
- (Make your Future - Korean version) -

Customized, On-demand Manufacturing

1. Meeting with Customer

Make an appointment and meeting
(In case of long-distance, we will look for ways to remotely meet in a customer's local site)

2. 3D Scanning

3D scanning process for the amputated arm
(for the fitting of prosthetic hand and socket)

3. Make with Heart

Making with the process of 3D modelling, printing, assembly, and intermediate testing
(it takes 1 week from the first meeting)

4. Fitting Test and Finish

Final testing for fitting with customer's body, adjustment, and training if necessary
(it takes 1~2 hours)


202-1211, Chun-Ui TechnoPark 2, Bucheonro 198-gil 18, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea (+82-70-4405-9995)